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Investing with Sullivan Property Consultants

Investors in our property syndicates and trusts share ownership of the property or properties owned by that syndicate or trust. Each new syndicate is structured and financed to suit the characteristics of the property. Sullivan Property Consultants, or a related entity, will wherever possible participate as an investor and act as manager of the property and investment syndicate.

Brian Sullivan Property Pty Ltd, as Trustee for the Brian Sullivan Property Trust, trading as Sullivan Property Consultants holds an Australian Financial Services License issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission No 397865 and a Real Estate Agents License RA No 37865.

Syndicate member benefits include:

  1. Providing investors with the opportunity to invest in large-scale properties that the investor may not otherwise have the opportunity to acquire;
  2. Allowing investors to spread their risk over a number of different properties / syndicates / trusts;
  3. The investigations and analysis of each acquisition is completed by a seasoned property professional, Sullivan Property Consultants;
  4. All ongoing property and asset management is completed by Sullivan Property Consultants;
  5. Investors receive regular quarterly reports on the performance of the Asset and distributions when payable.

With over 35 years’ experience acquiring, valuing, managing, selling and leasing commercial property Sullivan Property Consultants are well placed to provide consultancy advice on the acquisition of commercial property to their client base.

We offer independent property acquisition and due diligence services to our clients who wish to build a commercial property portfolio in their own right alongside their property trust investments.

To receive information about our latest investment opportunity or if you are interested in finding out more about investing with Sullivan Property Consultants please do not hesitate to contact:

Brian Sullivan
Phone: +61 8 9438 1599
Postal Address: PO Box 160, PALMYRA WA 6957

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